Early Alert

Early Alert delivers qualified, all-hazard intelligence and support.

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can happen anytime, anywhere and without warning: a pandemic, an earthquake, a fire, a hazardous spill, or even an act of terrorism. If your business or agency were faced with an unexpected disaster, are you completely prepared?  At Early Alert, we make sure the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”


In the face of disaster, every second counts. The most damage and loss of life tends to occur between a disruption event and when a full emergency response is underway. Early Alert’s products and services ensure our clients are primed with the right resources to respond immediately. When others are losing time and money in the throes of recovery, Early Alert clients are back up and running.

Devastation costing over $300 billion per year

As of 2019, the global average economic loss due to natural and man-made disaster events worldwide amounted to about $300 billion annually.

Storms, typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones - $62.2bn0
Flooding - $48.1bn0
Wildfires - $25bn0
Terrorism - $33bn0

Introducing the Intelligence Center

The Intelligence Center from Early Alert is a business continuity platform that monitors threats and provides real-time warning and alerts.

The Intelligence Center redefines how business continuity is maintained and risks and emergencies are managed using organisation-wide situational awareness and trackable actions that mitigate risk and save valuable time and money.

Report Distribution

Visualise what matters, when it matters, in a comprehensive interface that accesses and contextualises intelligence sources specifically relevant to your organisation.


Incident Reporting

Curate detailed reports that include relevant insight and facts pertaining to incidents that have affected or may affect your organisation. These reports may be strategically distributed or communicated to the organisation as a whole.


Mass Communication

The first moments of an incident are the most crucial, react immediately with informed instructions to key personnel or en-mass to mitigate losses.


Intelligence Feeds

Access real-time intelligence via relevant feeds and structured and unstructured data all of which have been tailored to the needs of your organisation.


Asset Tracking

Early Alert can use tracking and geofencing capabilities to ensure risk to critical components of your organisation such as weather threats, are identified and avoided whilst they travel.


Targeted Threat Layers

Threat layers and alert settings are customised according to where your organisation has specific assets or interests and the specific threats that occur in this area, for example, power outages, weather conditions or demographic factors. 


Are you prepared for a disaster?

According to the Association of Records Managers and Administration, about 60% of businesses that experience a major disaster such as a fire close within two years, over 40% of all companies that experience a disaster never reopen.

90% of businesses struck by data loss go out of business in two years0
40% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen0
60% of businesses that experience a major disaster close within two years0

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