Extreme Weather

Early Alert provides “real-time” global, severe weather consulting for all types of weather to include inland and coastal floods, winter weather, ice storms, blizzards, wildfires, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones and are closely examined and reviewed by highly experienced meteorologists

Severe weather refers to any dangerous meteorological phenomena with the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life. Types of severe weather phenomena vary, depending on the latitude, altitude, topography, and atmospheric conditions. High winds, hail, excessive precipitation, and wildfires are forms of severe weather. Severe weather is caused by thunderstorms, downbursts, lightning, tornadoes, waterspouts, tropical cyclones, and extratropical cyclones. Regional severe weather phenomena include blizzards, snowstorms, ice storms, and dust storms.

Specific Services and Products

Alerts & Warnings

Early Alert provide clients with custom alerts for severe weather delivered by way of email, real-time web displays or other electronic means.

Textual & Graphical Forecast

Early Alert provide clients with custom, daily reports from our experienced expert meteorologists based on client risks or needs

Satellite & Radar

Early Alert provide clients with Satellite images from both geostationary and polar orbiting satellites and radars as well as custom satellite photography of disasters

Specials & Updates

Early Alert provide clients with real-time, severe weather special announcements, updates and briefs tailored to the client specifications

Tropical Cyclone Packages

Early Alert provide clients with Situational Awareness for any or all ocean basins, custom packaged to client specification, including Textual & Graphic reports

Weather Forensic & Post Storm Analysis

Review claims related to severe weather conditions, verify information provided by involved parties and increase your ability to detect fraudulent activity

Post Storm Analysis Planning / Modelling

We bring 25 years’ experience conducting Post Storm Analyses and Storm Surge Modelling, and can supply the necessary informational resources in a GIS format, and our expert advice, to the client. We provide situational awareness with regards to the current and forecasted effects of a storm event as it pertains to your risk and can provide forecasted and post-event wind area and surge inundation estimates. This feature gives you the highest levels of Situational Awareness available today to help protect lives and secure assets and materiel during response and recovery efforts, should an event occur.

Our team will provide the necessary informational resources and expert advice to protect the lives of employees, as well as valuable assets, if and when a threat occurs. In addition, we offer a variety of electronically delivered products to help maintain situational awareness and effectively weather any crisis at hand. For practical, on-site use, this feature can help to protect and secure personnel and materiel during response and recovery efforts, where staff and other resources might be at risk from hazardous weather.

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